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Laguiole-Art is the cutlery site where you will find a large selection of knives and table cutlery, sommeliers, LAGUIOLE corkscrews complying with the IGP, these products come from French cutlers, artisans and manufacturers who can relocate part of their production. In all cases, French products are always identified by the French flag like most of our pocket knives, or classified by origin.

For example, in particular our Laguiole Heritage range of cutlery or knives Laguiole is a designer and solid industrial production which is delocalized and controlled by the TB group, a leader in the French cutlery market.


Everything you need to know about Laguiole: the REAL, the FALSE Laguiole knife

The geographical indication “Couteau Laguiole”, the specifications in a few words

The INPI approves the geographical indication “Laguiole knife”, the characteristics of the products benefiting from the geographical indication are described in specifications, which the producers undertake to respect and on which they are controlled by an independent body.

The geographical indication “Laguiole knife” concerns three families of knives: folding knives, sommelier knives and table knives. The presence of a “bee”, the blade shape called “Yatagan” and the curved shape of the knife are mandatory characteristics, except for the closing knife, also recognized with a straight shape.

A press release was issued by the INPI